Unreasonable expectations

Do you know why so many people get divorced? Why they cheat? Why we fuss and argue about what the POTUS has or hasn’t done? It’s because we put unreasonable expectations on each other as human beings. We believe we are on this earth to please someone and they to please us. If someone doesn’t make us happy, we leave or cheat. If we don’t like our boss at work, we quit. We set each other up for an amazingly unsuccessful journey in this life because we believe that our happiness is and should be driven by the people around us. We expect our kids to be perfect angels so that they don’t cause us any stress or embarrassment. How unreasonable is it to think that a child who may be going potty in his diaper is somehow supposed to control our happiness day in and day out? We were not made to be perfect and if we were, I can’t think of one person in the history of mankind who can die saying they lived perfectly.

I am a perfect mess and I have no problem owning it. We all are. How fun would life be if we all said the right things at the right time to the right people in our perfect house with our perfect family? I don’t know about you, but sometimes I enjoy finding imperfect things, processes, or ideas and making them better. Some of the most beautiful things grow out of broken places and they don’t get there without overcoming some sort of trial or impossibility. That’s what makes it perfect; the journey, the perseverance, the miracle, not that it came from some ugly, unthinkable, unattractive place. Sometimes you have to understand the fight and the adversity to appreciate the prize even more.

So the next time you see a test coming your way, don’t turn and run in the other direction. Embrace it and think about what the trial is trying to teach you. Realize that whatever it is will be better than ever if you just lower your expectations a little about everything and everyone being perfect.

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