So, what’s your point?

I suppose I should clear up a few things before I get any deeper into my thoughts, it’s hard to predict where it might lead! I have had a few people ask me why I am doing this, opening myself up and pouring out some pretty intimate parts of my life. Honestly, it’s because I was told to share it. I have had a book on my heart for 20 years, but I never felt that I had enough material to write an entire book. Sure I had a few things come up in my life that others can learn from, but who am I to tell my story. What makes me so special? So, I put it off.

Well, here we are 2017 and I think I have enough material to write my book! It may have been laid on my heart 20 years ago, but that doesn’t mean that’s when it was meant to happen. A time for everything and everything in its time. There isn’t even a guarantee that this story will actually make it to a published book, but I guess I won’t find out unless I try.

I have a family member reading a few chapters of my book at a time to give me her feedback and help me determine my message and target audience. The theme of the story could span across many demographics, but publishers and agents don’t want to hear that. What is unique about my story and who should read it? Below is an excerpt of the book that I believe nicely sums up the message and who can learn a few things from it. Thank you to my editor/proofreader/truth-teller for pointing this out to me! Sometimes an author needs a little help finding the message when it all seems to be saying something.

“After all, it is my book about my life and I could just lie about everything and lead you to believe that I am perfect in every way. But, I am far from perfect and I want others to learn from my lessons and see how my mistakes have actually shaped who I have become, in the hopes that I can help just one person realize that one mistake or two mistakes or 100 mistakes does not a person make. You can come back from the depths of the biggest hole anyone in the history of the world has ever dug themselves into. Honestly, it takes just as much work to dig that hole in the first place as it does to dig yourself out of it. The sooner you realize that you are the one holding the shovel, the sooner you will begin using that same shovel for good rather than digging your way to China with the same mistakes over and over and over….

Wanna know more? Well, you will have to read (and buy!) the book when it’s available! God.PNG


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