ed8ff175692223c119e887415cc6dc45Why do we judge others who don’t look like us instead of trying to learn more about them?

Why do we jump to conclusions about others because of one incident you may have had with someone of the same background?

Why do we hate what we don’t know ot understand?

Why can’t we look at ourselves in the mirror and wonder what we can do to help this world?

Why do we talk and post about all of the struggles in our world on Facebook but we won’t say the same words and hold others accountable in the real world?

Why don’t we realize that “social media” is an oxymoron? Social means getting out and meeting people, not hiding behind a keyboard.

Why can’t we all just get along?

Why do we give the people who don’t deserve it all of the attention they are looking for instead of ignoring it and ripping apart their agenda?

Why? Why haven’t you done anything to change the world besides talking about it?

Why do we still keep having the same conversations?


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