Purge and Repurpose

Over the last 12 months following my initial separation, between all of the dividing, uncoupling, and replaying of old memories while going through 14 years of photos and accumulated “stuff”, I have come to one conclusion: I have A LOT of crap!

I am making the next month of my life the Purge and Repurpose season. Purging all of those things that we threw in the guest room closet because we didn’t know what to do with it, but we just knew we would use it sometime. Getting rid of the broken toys and outdated books that are strewn throughout the boy’s playroom. I might even sneak a few of those damn Legos into the donation box, that will show them for all of the times I stepped on the little suckers while chasing my son around the house. I am even going to consolidate my shoe collection down to a reasonable row or two instead of the pile of mismatched heels and flats that I have to go through every morning to find what to wear for the day. That might take more than a month, I might have to commit to a year to say good bye to my beautiful babies.

I have said many times in this transition to my new normal that I want to start fresh with new furniture, paint, projects that I have wanted to do since we moved into this house 4 years ago. I want to make the old memories go away so I can work on new ones. I want new voices to invade the halls of this home that was once filled with laughter and love. I brought a new boy to the house in June, our crazy lab mix, Hopper. Of course he’s not a pure breed because no one in our house is, he fits right in.

Instead of starting completely over and trying to forget all of the things that we once shared, I decided to repurpose a few items, give them a new perspective, something better. You don’t have to change everything to start fresh. That chair that doesn’t get uses in the basement? It now has a perfect, useful position in the room that is now my new workspace. The desk holding my 2008 Gateway computer that takes no less than 10 minutes to start? It is now a crucial part of the new Nerf war zone in my basement. They all still have purpose, but now in a new location, with new opportunities to serve, just when I was ready to put them on the curb.

I think we can all relate to feeling like we were purged, when maybe we are just being repurposed for another, better, greater purpose. Think about that the next time you do your spring cleaning, whether it be literally sweeping your house, dusting cobwebs or sifting through your cell phone or Facebook contemplating who to purge and who to repurpose.



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