The World Needs YOUR Gifts


On more than one occasion I have talked to someone who thinks what they do everyday has no value to the world. “I am just a stay at home mom.” “I am just a department store manager.” I even found myself telling someone how I “just” wrote a book. No one is just anything, unless you are “just me.”

We all have a purpose on this earth and unfortunately, not all of us arrive at our final, ordained destination because we don’t even know there is a road paved JUST for us. Have you ever sat still, in quiet and thought about the traits and gifts that you bring to your community, family, and friends? If you haven’t, you really need to try it. Now. Like put the phone down, turn off the tv and take inventory of what you do to help others. Don’t worry, this blog will be here when you’re done, this is important.

That dinner that you made for your husband and kids last week? That’s a gift. When you said hi and exchanged pleasantries with the stranger at the grocery store? You just gifted someone you don’t even know. Crazy, right?

We receive the gift of life with each new day. As we learned when we were growing up, we are to share those gifts with others, not keep them bottled up all to ourselves. We share because I don’t have the same gifts that you do you and you don’t have the same gifts that I do and we don’t have the same gifts as the next person. Think about a Christmas tree lit up on Christmas morning, the smells of dinner wafting through the house, enticing you from your slumber to the room where the family will congregate to fellowship. When you were a toddler and a pre-teen, remember counting all of those gifts under the tree, trying to see just how good Santa thought you were this year? Guessing what was in all the boxes, wondering if you got THE gift you had hoped the most for? Seeing all of the gifts so neatly wrapped with bows and ribbons under the tree was exciting, you were even excited to see what was in everyone else’s boxes, because it meant that you would get to play with it or wear it, too.

The same applies to our spiritual and worldly gifts, we are to share. Share our knowledge, our experiences, our gifts so that we can help, serve, and encourage others. A flower can grow from a seed after being covered with dirt, but without water, it cannot survive and grow without the specific gift of the water. The water can’t grow a flower without the seed and the dirt. And, you see, at the end of the process, none of them get the credit. Who gets the credit? The flower, who didn’t stand a chance without the dirt, seed, and water.

What gifts do you have to offer this world? How can you use them? What is keeping you from using them right now? If you have trouble answering any of these questions, please email me at and I will help you figure it out!

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